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travel classes

Travel classes: what to choose from?

As an au pair you have to get a certain amount of credits / hours during your year. In a previous article we gave an overview of all the options you have in order...
How to score the cheapest Broadway tickets

How to score the cheapest Broadway tickets

If you are lucky enough to be staying with a family that lives close to New York City, you might have thought about going to a Broadway show. Then you saw the prices and...

The hidden gem of NYC: East River Ferry

Most of the attractions and sights available in New York City are pretty expensive. This one’s free and many people like to do it: walking across Brooklyn Bridge. And if you start your walk...
girl looking at jellyfish made out of plastic

Must see in New York: Arcadia Earth

When in New York there are many things to see and to do. The classic walk across Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and of course the countless viewpoints. But if you’re looking...

Embracing the American lifestyle

I’ve often heard au pairs say that they want to “experience the American way of life”, when asked why they wanted to become an au pair. The American culture and lifestyle plays a huge...
nys Christmas

NYC guide: Christmas edition

There’s always a lot to see in NYC, but the city is especially beautiful around Chrismas time or as some would argue: the most wonderful time of the year. Bellow you’ll find a few...