A walk thru Seattle, WA


I have lived in Seattle for almost a year. I have my favorite spots where I always went when I was down town. In this article I walk you thru the hotspots and my favorite places in Seattle.

Photo: Nory Story

Pike Place market

This is my favorite place in Seattle. I do not know how I should describe it exactly. It has an old vibe because this is one of the oldest places in Seattle. A market with all kinds of small businesses and a lot of people. From the outside is already quite a lot to see and if you walk through it you see even more! And you can even go inside, down the stairs, and then you discover even more shops.

My favorite place to eat something ‘on the go’ are the mini donuts or the ‘sausage rolls’. You can find both when you stay under the big board ‘ Public Market Center ‘ look inside and then in left the corner. Ion busy times there is always a long que of people waiting for the donuts.

First Starbucks

Close to Pike Place Market is the very first Starbucks. It’s a very small shop where you could easily walk past if there wasn’t always a big que of people waiting outside . So if you want a normal coffee in the first Starbucks you have to come on a quiet day or be willing to wait in line long.

Photo: Nory Story

Gum wall

Under Pike Place market is the Seattle gum wall. As the name says it is a wall full of chewing gum. Super gross but also quite fascinating if you look at it. You can find the gum wall left under Pike Place Market. Sometimes the walls are full, other times not that much because they clean it once so many months.

The gum wall can be found when you get to the intersection of Pike Place Market and go straight down the path a bit on your left. There is a street that runs down and if you follow it that it will bring you to the wall.

Pioneer square

Here is where it all started for Seattle. The oldest neighborhood of Seattle is very nice to take pictures and walk around. I walk through here sometimes to just look around, but not very long am because I find it not so interesting. It’s nice to get through it once or twice but more than that, no.

Photo: NoryStory

Greetings from Seattle mural

An US artist makes different graffiti on walls thru The States that look like postcards. Seattle has one 2231 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121. It is a short walk from Pike Place Market and you have to look good because you can easily pass it.

Seattle City Pass

trying to see as much as possible in Seattle can be expensive. But they have a city pass that allows you to visit five attractions. You can go, in 24 hours, 2 times up the Space Needle so you have a view over the city during daytime and in the evening. You can go to the Seattle aquarium, do the Harbor tour, choose between the Zoo (you need a car to go there) or museum of pop culture (which is way cooler than it sounds) and you can choose between Chihuly Garden and Glass of the pacific science center.

Kerry park view point

The most famous point to see the Seattle skyline. If you see Seattle in a movie then you can see the skyline probably from Kerry Park.

The address is 211 W Highland Park Dr, Seattle, WA 98119. Both day and night the view of the city is very pretty and you can make your perfect instagram photos there.

That’s my walk thru Seattle. This is what I prefer to see and where I prefer to go. What are your favorite places in Seattle?

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