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We decided to travel to Boston one weekend in January. We had Saturday and Sunday to go and get back so it was a 48 hours quick trip. We planned everything in almost detail, went the cheapest and best way stayed in a good hostel and had a lot of activities on our list. In this blog we tell you what we did in our 48 hours in Boston,MA.

Transportation and accommodation

Our day started very early because we decided to take the Flixbus. First we had to take a very, VERY, early train to New York City and walked to the Flixbus location close to Penn station. We had a great deal with the bus company because we managed to get a roundtrip for 2$ per person. Yes, you read it right! All the way from New York City to Boston and back for only 2$. A subway ticket is even more expensive.

The trip took around 4 hours and there was a 15 minute break at a Burger King half way. We arrived around noon in Boston at a parking garage. This was a little 15/20 minute walk away from our accommodation, which was in the middle of the city. We stayed at the HI Hostel. We had a little talk about staying at a hostel or not because we had different opinions on the matter. I personally love the HI Hostels because I don’t mind sharing a room with others but I also understand that some people want their privacy. It can also be scary because some hostels can be very gross and not save. Thats why I love HI Hostels. First of all because they have free breakfast included (which contains fruit, cereal, bagels, bread, toppings, coffee, tea and juices) but also because it looks clean and well organized. Especially the one in Boston because they just opened their doors in 2012 so they’re very modern.

48 hours in Boston


When we checked in at the hostel we saw that there was a free Harvard tour planned at 1pm. That’s an other thing that is cool about HI Hostels, they have a bunch of activities planned through out the week. We quickly stored our luggage in the storage room because we couldn’t check in yet, changed our clothes and were just in time for the tour.

The tour itself was great. Our guide knew a lot of things about Harvard, took us all over the place and told us small fun facts about the university. The tour took something like an hour, you could always stop whenever you wanted, and after the tour was done we walked around a bit more to take pictures. We didn’t wanted to miss all the stories so we decided to do the tour first and then afterwards find spots where we still wanted to take pictures.

After we were done taking pictures we walked into the little neighborhood close to Harvard to find souvenirs. We got a big college vibe with all the students walking around. It is so different from so many other places in we visited so far in the USA. After looking through some stores we found The Harvard Coop. We’re not sure if this is an official store for Harvard College students but it was so big and it had so many Harvard related things. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this store it won’t exist.

There were also more than enough places to eat and we chose the place where the most people were. Because you would think that it would be a great place to have some dinner right? Well, it was! We had dinner at Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria. A Mexican restaurant where you can build your own Burrito. The only down part of it being so busy is that you couldn’t really hear the staff and it had to go quick because the que was so long. It was really good though and we would definitely recommend people to eat there if you have time.

48 hours in Boston
Photo: The Au Pair Blog

Freedom trail

If you’re a big historical fan and you only have 48 hours in Boston you should definitely put some time aside for the Freedom Trail. It is a historical walk through Boston and you can basically start at any point. We started at the Boston Common. This is closest to the Hostel and it is also the start of the trail.

You can recognize the trail by the line of red bricks which will bring you from one place to another. There are payed tours with a guide but you can also go by yourself and just follow the red bricks or look at this map. The trail is 2.6 miles long so it is a bit of a walk. You also don’t have to do everything and pick out the coolest places for the day. It took us half a day to walk everything and at the end we were super tired.

48 hours in Boston
Photo: The Au Pair Blog

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Do you want something to eat but you don’t feel like eating at a restaurant? Or you just simply don’t have the money for it at the moment? Go to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. They have a big hall with small businesses where you can order some food to take with you and eat somewhere else in Boston. There is so much to choose from that there will always be something for someone. From coffee (try the milky way coffee), lunch, dinner till dessert. Everybody will leave this place happy.


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Brattle Book Shop

Unfortunately this book shop wasn’t open when we had our 48 hours in Boston. Though, we still wanted to tell you about this place because it is this small hidden place in Boston where you can buy second hand books and it just looks the cutest on pictures.

9 West St, Boston, MA 02111, United States


If you’re not really all about the historical sights but more of the clothes you can try your luck at the corner of Washington St and Summer street. This is the shopping centre of Boston. Where also the famous Primark ‘Hello Boston’ sign is. You must have seen a lot of other au pairs taking pictures in front of this sign. It is almost a tradition and you can’t really say you’ve been in Boston if you haven’t taken a picture here.

These are our 48 hours in Boston tips. Did we forget something or do you have the best hidden spot in Boston we need to know about? Let us know in the comments!

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