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christmas card

You’re not going to be in the Christmas card and you know what? That’s totally okay. Around this time of the year, numerous au pairs ask each other if they are part of the family pictures. Most are not. And that’s completely normal!

christmas card
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

On Social Media, you might see something different. Some host families do include their au pair in the pictures, but getting in the Christmas card is setting a high standard for yourself. What some host families do – if you have one that wants you to feel part of the family – is taking pictures with and without you. This way, you will still feel part of the event and you will have a nice memory with your host family when you go back home. But getting into the Christmas card is only realistic for 5% of us. It is only likely to get into the Christmas card if: you are in your second year with the same family (that sees you like a family member) and you have also invested a lot of time in becoming a family member and going out of your way to spend time with them.

Why will you not be on the card?

As an au pair, you’ll only be in their lives for one or maybe two years. You won’t get to know a lot of their friends and family, especially if they live far away. It would be very strange for them to see this stranger on the Christmas card, especially because there would be a new stranger on the Christmas card every one to two years. Think about it, how would you react when one of your friends who you don’t see much, sends you a Christmas card and there is a stranger on it?

So, it is totally okay to not be on the card. Don’t feel offended if you don’t make it on the card. Just join the big group of au pairs who feel the same way. Know that you are still respected and appreciated and that it’s completely normal to not be on the picture.

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