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Philly in a day

Philadelphia home of the famous Cheesesteak. But what else is there to Philly? How much can you see in a day trip. Here’s our ultimate guide on how to explore Philly in a day.

Pro tip: This route is entirely walk-able!

The Rocky Steps

Start your day at the Rocky steps. Famous for the movie, the steps lead up to the Art museum. Even if you’re not a big fan of the movie, you get a beautiful view of City Hall from the top. In the summer months there’s a big water fountain in the middle of the square. On your way down you can stop by and take a picture with the Rocky statue. On to the next stop!

City Hall

If you walk straight ahead from the steps for about 15 to 20 minutes, you will end up at Philadelphia City Hall. A place where people come together, there’s a big square upfront where in the summer months children can often be found playing with the water fountains. Depending on the season you might also find an “Oktoberfest” or a Christmas market here! Bonus if you walk: You will cross directly into the so called “LOVE park”! Here you can not only find the famous LOVE statue, you will also encounter the big red letters, spelling out “I <3 Philly”. The perfect spot to take a few pictures!

Reading Terminal Market

Keep on walking from City Hall to Reading Terminal Market for a quick lunch break. Here you can find a wide spectrum of food options. Go ahead and try that Philly Cheesesteak! Everything from local farmers to Indian and Chinese food can be found here!

Independence Hall and Liberty Bell

Because this isn’t only a trip for fun and games, but also educational, your next stop should be the Independence Hall with the famous Liberty bell. Here you can learn a thing or two about the history and origin of the United States. You can see Liberty bell without tickets and for free, but be sure to look up Independence Hall in advance. Depending on the season you might need tickets for it.

Take a stroll down to the Waterfront

Philly’s waterfront is truly beautiful. In the summer months there are usually little fairs with ferris wheels and a skating rink to be found that transforms into an ice-skating rink in the winter. You will also get a beautiful view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which is especially beautiful at night. The perfect spot to end the day and just chill out!

A few other options/honorable mentions:

Philly’s Magic Gardens

A little bit off our route, you can find Philly’s Magic Gardens. It’s basically a huge art installation you can walk inside. (And it’s instagram-able too!) Pictures speak better than words, so best check out a few impressions online! Also make sure to buy your tickets in advance if you plan on doing this.

The Universal Sphere

The Universal Sphere is a free experience, that you really shouldn’t miss! It’s a 360-degree dome theatre. Basically, a huge white ball where you’ll go inside and watch an impressive short film in. This experience takes around 15 minutes. The experience is completely free, although you still have to get tickets beforehand.

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