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Fall activities

Fun Fall activities everyone can do

Summer is over and Fall is here. Kids might be back in school or still at home doing remote learning. The weather is sometimes nice and sometimes not so nice. Are you looking for...
what it means to be an au pair

What it really means to be an au pair

When you are still in your home country, thinking about signing up as an au pair, you can’t even begin to imagine what being an au pair is actually like. Some agencies, like mine,...

Extending: new family or same family?

Deciding to extend is already a big decision you had to make. The next important question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to extend with a new family or with the...
5 simple things you should do

5 simple things you should do every day during quarantine

Routine is my biggest enemy right now. I can’t seem to find a good routine because I’ve been spending all my days in the house. I found five things that I want to share...