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Online Classes

Online classes: education during COVID-19

Part of the au pair experience can be to meet a specific educational requirement. Because of the whole COVID-19 situation, it seems impossible to meet those requirements. Colleges are closed and traveling is also...
native language

How you can share your native language with your host kids

Part of being an au pair is that your native language isn’t English (unless you come fromSouth Africa or England). Maybe, part of the reason why you came to America was toimprove your English...
travel classes

Travel classes: what to choose from?

As an au pair you have to get a certain amount of credits / hours during your year. In a previous article we gave an overview of all the options you have in order...
education options

Education options: An overview

Depending on the agency you’re with, as an au pair you have to meet an education requirement. A very common number are 72 hours or 6 credits. Most of the time you don’t need...