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Fall activities

Fun Fall activities everyone can do

Summer is over and Fall is here. Kids might be back in school or still at home doing remote learning. The weather is sometimes nice and sometimes not so nice. Are you looking for...

Extending: new family or same family?

Deciding to extend is already a big decision you had to make. The next important question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to extend with a new family or with the...

Why I decided to extend during COVID-19

When I first left home to become an au pair, I thought that I would only do it for one year, which is already really long. The longer I stayed here though, the more...
Online Classes

Online classes: education during COVID-19

Part of the au pair experience can be to meet a specific educational requirement. Because of the whole COVID-19 situation, it seems impossible to meet those requirements. Colleges are closed and traveling is also...
native language

How you can share your native language with your host kids

Part of being an au pair is that your native language isn’t English (unless you come fromSouth Africa or England). Maybe, part of the reason why you came to America was toimprove your English...

What to do when you’re homesick?

When you’re living abroad, feeling homesick is something normal to experience at one point or another. Some people experience it very early, some feel it a little later and others might not get homesick...