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trivia night

Let’s be honest: this quarantine has been going on for long enough. We, as I can speak for a lot of us, can’t see any of our friends at the moment. We are stuck in our houses and on the weekend it can be very boring. I was sick of doing nothing and I decided to host an online trivia night.

I saw a lot of other people having online quizzes and trivia nights the past few weeks and I thought “I can do that too!”. We are all bored on Saturday evenings anyhow, so I asked around what people thought of the idea and made a quiz with powerpoint. That’s how simple it can be.

Setting up the trivia night

First of all: ask who is interested in having an online quiz night. I recommend 8 or 10 people in one call because otherwise it gets overcrowded. You can ask around in your au pair group, or if you’re in a really big group (like me where we have 50+ people in one group) then you should share a Google Form.

Ask them if they want to join, what would work best for them time wise and ask them what topic they would like to have. A quiz about Disney, animals, movies, American things (like food, places, states), national anthems from all over the world are just a few ideas we had during brainstorm session.

When you have people excited about the quiz then it is time to make the quiz. I can understand that not everyone wants to start from scratch. That’s why we made a template, downloadable on the bottom of this article where all the special effects are ready to go and you only need to think about and fill in the questions.

Maybe some of you know the site This is a website where you can make a multiple choice quiz. The only thing is that everyone needs to be on their laptop for the zoom call and on their phone to sign in on the Kahoot quiz. Or vice versa of course.

Hosting the trivia night

The last part is hosting the quiz night. I like to do it on Zoom. You can share your laptop screen with the ‘share’ button that appears when you’re a host in the middle on the bottom. Make sure you have the powerpoint open before you click on the share button. Then you just start the powerpoint presentation and let the fun begin!

Did you know we’re also on Instagram? We would love to see au pairs playing online quizzes. So tag on Instagram and share the fun!

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