How to score the cheapest Broadway tickets

How to score the cheapest Broadway tickets

If you are lucky enough to be staying with a family that lives close to New York City, you might have thought about going to a Broadway show. Then you saw the prices and re-considered.

Yes, Broadway tickets can be incredibly expensive, especially good seats. But usually they are totally worth it. If you’re still not wiling or able to spend a ton of money on tickets, here are a few tips that might help you get you the cheapest Broadway tickets.


The classic, although arguably not necessarily most comfortable way, to get cheap tickets to plays and musicals, is to go to the TKTS booths on the same day and try to get tickets for that day’s performance. The most famous location is the one on Times Square, though you can expect a longer waiting time here. There are two other, lesser known locations, where the waiting time might be much shorter.

Buy tickets on the TodayTix app

The cheapest Broadway tickets are findable on TodayTix. You can find tickets for on as well as off Broadway shows. Even better, for certain shows you can get same day tickets for cheaper. So called “Rush tickets” usually go on sale at 10 am the day of the performance. Though you have to be quick as they tend to sell out very fast. A much more comfortable way of getting rush tickets than waiting in line for them! Often they also offer lotteries where, if you win, you can get very good seats for plays at a very low price.

Check out the play’s website

Some plays have lotteries. If you win these, you can usually buy pretty good seats for a very cheap price. As of right now (January 2020) there are lotteries for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Aladdin, Wicked, Hamilton, The Lion King and The Tina Turner musical. Some of these you can play in the TodayTix App, some of these you will only find on the play’s official website, so be sure to check that out.

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