Don’t make business with shady security!

The other day a friend and I wanted to go to a concert in New York City. However, we did not have tickets to the concert, because by the time the tickets were released, we weren’t even in America yet.

So I looked online on a website called “Stubhub”, where people can resell their tickets and you are guaranteed that the tickets are legitimate. The original price for tickets, when they first went on sale, was $ 35 plus fees. The cheapest tickets on Stubhub were around $ 120. 

So we decided to go to the venue anyways on the night of the concert, and hope that by the time the support act had started, people would sell them on Stubhub for cheaper. That didn’t happen, instead prices just went up. This apparently was a very popular concert.

So we walked up to the security guards and asked them if there was any way to get a ticket for the show. One of them pulled us aside and explained to us that we could either try to get some online, try our luck in getting some from someone outside the venue, or they could try to sneak us in. 

We couldn’t believe what he was telling us. Getting in without a ticket? That would have been awesome. He said we would need to talk to his supervisor on the inside though. He could only let people sneak in smaller things, like lighters and juuls. That already made us suspicious. He then proceeded to talk to his supervisor who was on the inside. He came back out and told us his supervisor wanted money to sneak us in. He asked how much we were willing to pay. We told him we didn’t have a lot of money. He asked the supervisor how much he wanted. He said he wanted $ 100 of each of us, $ 200 in total. 

Tickets were only slightly more expensive than that. We were pretty thrown off that apparently in America, or at least in New York City, this seems to be a big thing. We ended up not paying the guys and were lucky enough to find someone selling a legitimate ticket. It was naïve of us to think that the security guards would just sneak us in out of the goodness of their hearts and not ask for money. But also, what would have happened if they wouldn’t have gotten us in? What would have happened if we would have been caught? I’m very glad that we didn’t “make business” with those very shady guys. Who knows what would have happened. And you shouldn’t either. 

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